Press Box

Welcome to FemmeInInk’s Press Box.
From recent to oldest, you will find a list of important events through the history of FemmeInInk.


– Nickel Tattoo Magazine, FemmeInInk, and Make Up Artist Neris teamed up for a Photosession with Dayan Alfaro.
– Chainz Photography and FemmeInInk Models Roxy and Kathus assist to: Ink Fest Panama 2016
– Model Hanndra wins the #PracticaTusEmoticons contest with 265 likes on @femmeinink instagram account.
– FemmeInInk Casting Contest called #PracticaTusEmoticons during Nickel Tattoo Music and Arts Event at Hangar 18.
– model Kathus joins FemmeInInk for the #PracticaTusEmoticons Training Session.
– Nickel Tattoo and FemmeInInk teamed up for a Photosession with Patty Benis.
– Nickel Tattoo Special Edition Magazine featuring Miss Tattoo 2016 RocioElena and First Runner-Up Yara Falcon.
– Nickel Tattoo Magazine Issue 4 featuring Tattoo Artist and Model Claudia Helena.
– FemmeInInk and Nickel Tattoo Magazine offer a Photosession to the winner of Miss Tattoo at Expo Tattoo Panama 2016.
– Nickel Tattoo Magazine and Chainz Photography assist to: Expo Tattoo Panama 2016.
– Model Neris is added to the crew as FemmeInInk’s Official Make-Up Artist.
– Nickel Tattoo Magazine Issue 3 featuring Model Roxy.
– FemmeInInk website is created by Chainz Photography.
– Nickel Tattoo Magazine Issue 2 featuring Model Soanny.
– Instagram account @femmeinink is created by Chainz Photography.
– FemmeInInk is created by Chainz Photography.


– Chainz Photography Teamed Up for Nickel Tattoo Magazine First Issue featuring model Mariel.
– model Mariel, Introduces Nickel Tattoo Magazine with Chainz Photography

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